Friends of Suburban Bristol Railways
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*****We campaign for Bristol-area public transport improvements in both the immediate and longer terms: read our MANIFESTO****

FoPSRSFriends of Parson Street Railway Station are celebrating the station's 90th birthday & a special guest should trundle past! - Sunday 3rd September 2017 - 9am-11am

Library walkLawrence Hill to Wick Road Library, a 3 mile walk to celebrate Bristol's public transport and libraries - 22nd August 2017 - 11am

All The Stations go to PilningAll The Stations, who are visiting every UK national station, travel from Bristol to Severn Beach and then to Pilning to meet campaigners - 24th June 2017

FOSBR approach to WECADevolution kicks off - FOSBR approach to first WECA meeting: documents to support our case for rail investment - 28th June 2017

Rally for RailDevolution kicks off - our Rally for Rail pushed the case for rail in the WECA region in advance of first WECA meeting - 23rd June 2017

General ElectionGeneral Election - Rally at Temple Meads to highlight local rail issues - 23rd May 2017

#MetroMayor hustingsHustings season has begun, here is our open letter to #MetroMayor candidates - 3rd April 2017

Winterstoke Road level crossingFOSBR response to MetroWest Phase 1 cost escalations - 9th March 2017

Bristol DockerBristol Docker excursion train travels the Henbury Loop and Portishead freight lines - 4th March 2017

Friends of Parson StreetNew group Friends of Parson Street Railway Station formed to improve facilities and services - January 2017

SCRP Progress Report Severnside Community Rail Partnership Progress Report: February 2017 - SCRP raised funds to substantially enhance Severn Beach station in 2016

FOSBR AGM The FOSBR AGM was a well atttended and lively meeting: 20th January 2017

Pilning Plough Music Fest on Saturday 19th August and a special Sunday service on 20th August - full information on - 19th & 20th August 2017

NR Network Rail are working on the electrification through Bristol Parkway and addition of new fourth platform - service alterations are outlined here - 19th August 2017 to 15th September 2017

Filton Bank with 4 tracks Network Rail are carrying out a major programme of 4-tracking work along Filton Bank including Narroways Footbridge and Stapleton Road Viaduct replacements - June 2017 to December 2018

Darjeeling Railway Latest newsletter with analysis of Portishead Line cost over-runs, Severn Beach Line fare increases, Parson Street resurgence and notes from a trip on the Darjeeling Railway - June 2017

MetroWest Phase 3 The FOSBR detailed proposal for Enhanced MetroWest (as distributed to MetroMayoral candidates) - 3rd April 2017

Stapleton Road Viaduct Replacement Stapleton Road Viaduct Replacement - Demolition and reconstruction from February 2017 until October 2018

Electrification delay Portishead funding gap should be met as compensation for electrification delay - 8th February 2017

Pilning footbridge Pilning footbridge footnote: Network Rail saved £658,000 by not replacing the bridge but it will now cost the taxpayer over £5,000,000 to replace it via the GRIP process - 29th January 2017

Bristol East Junction January Newsletter includes updates on electrification, four-tracking and Bristol East junction - Issue 93 - January 2017

WEP Joint Transport Study WEP ran a consultation to seek comments on the Joint Spatial Plan and Joint Transport Study which seek to define a development framework for the West of England to 2036
FOSBR response here- 19th December 2016

Farewell to Keira Farewell to Keira and her Coffee Trike at Redland station - 25th November 2016